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November 2002
Well since I am a knitter... and since I love knitting socks.... I thought hey... why not spin my own yarn?! After checking into buying and rasing sheep, and finding out that I can't have sheep in my back yard, large as it may be... I decided ok, fine! I'll just buy the wool and spin it anyway! I looked up info in the internet, talked to many many people, and finally, I get a drop spindle, wool roving, and an instructional video.
I had watched the video a few times before I even got the spindle, and roving, and thought oh it's easy! Sooooo.... yup you guessed it... I figured I didn't need to watch the video again! I got started, got mad threw the spindle back in the box and kicked it. An hour later, put the video on, picked the spindle back out of the box and tried it again!
To my extreme satisfaction, I had a strand of yarn about 2 1/2 yards long! Ok... so it wasn't actually yarn... it was more like .... small rope... but hey it worked! I even plied it, washed it, wrapped it around my hands and gave it a couple good snaps to set the twist and hung it to dry, all like the lady in the video said, (go figure!) and I'll be darned if I didn't have a nice bit of rope... er... I mean yarn when I was done!

My Drop Spindle, Roving & Video

My first yarn

My Rosa Sterling Kingwood
Top Whorl Drop Spindle

My first real skein (spun on a drop spindle)
I used Kool-Aid and Food Coloring for the dye

Well as my spinning has improved and I've become more impatient to make more yarn in a shorter period of time... It seemed the only logical solution was to purchase a spinning wheel. So I did! I LOVE it! My yarn is better and better all the time. Much more even, and oh my gosh! The different colorways you can come up with using Kool-Aid and food coloring! Truly amazing! I have found my true calling in life! Well... besides being a mom that is <wink>.

Same wheel, after staining.

My Kromski Minstrel
Not for sale

Handspun on the Kromski & dyed with K-A & FC
About a fingering weight

Close up of that yarn ----->

Wheel Spun and Cable Plyed
Dyed with Wiltons food dye

Me Spinning Black Merino

Hand Spun & Dyed Silk
Dyed with Wiltons paste

July 2005... My newest wheel!