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My Goofy Husband

The Funiest Thing You've Ever Seen!

Ok, before you even see this pics, I've got to explain a bit. My husband Rob, is a car painter by trade... the chemicals in the paint that he works with are dangerous. I've been telling him for years that something was bound to happen some day, but I never expected this! Now for your viewing enjoyment......
(please scroll down to the end to learn the truth of this little farce)





LOL... Ok... now that you've either been laughing your rear off, or have been totally traumatized beyond belief, I should explain... Yes Rob is really a car painter! Yes the paint chemicals are indeed dangerous. He does however wear protective gear all over his face and body, so he really is pretty much mentally intact, (though the jury is still out on that) and his sense of humor is operating at full capacity!
What really happened:
Rob and a few of the guys he works with seem to have too much time on their hands, because they do tend to goof off a bit and pull pranks on each other. One of these pranks was to take an air hose with a blower attachment, and blow their mouth full of air while smiling! The pictures you just saw are the result of that little experiment. Hope you enjoyed, I just couldn't help but share!
What Rob REALLY looks like: