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  • 7/21/03

Ooooooohhhhhh it's been hot and humid!!!!!! Almost too hot to knit... almost. First side of the Saxon Braid pillow down, ( )and second side started with 9 pattern reps to go! If it weren't so darn hot and humid, it probably would have been close to, if not finished by now :-P At any rate... it is turning out very nice and I am really liking the design... thinking of making an afghan with the same pattern, but... it's an awful lot of work right now and I don't think I'm willing to start such a large project till maybe after Christmas. We'll see.

Did I mention before that I'm working on a sweater for my 6 yr old, Cole? Probably not, but I am... now THAT is too hot to work on right now! Made from Lion Brand Homespun... nice in winter, BLECK in summer! Needless to say, it's being neglected. It's a simple pattern, called "Hooded Knit Sweater", and is from the Lion Brand web site and can be found at  under Free Patterns, then Knitting, then Homespun/Family of Hooded Sweatshirts. It has a picture of a family wearing various colors of this sweater. Only catch is... you have to give them your email addy for this pattern, but so far I've never had a problem with any kind of junk mail as a result of that, so I'd say go for it!

  • 7/07/03

So this past 4th of July weekend was pretty cool! Rob was off for a 3 day weekend... the kids had a blast, (sorry for the pun), my mom Fran and brother Sean came over for a late dinner and fireworks, and other than mom bumping her head shortly before going home, it was a great time!

Making LOADS of progress on the "Saxon Braid" pillow I started a few days ago.... 3 pattern reps down and 7 to go! A pic can be found on the "Knitted Projects" page at the bottom. I'm working in Lion Brand Wool-Ease worsted weight on size 7 homemade needles :-D

  • 6/23/03
Over the weekend, my mom had 4 out of the 5 boys, so I figured I could either spend the weekend knitting or cleaning the house... I chose knitting (hehehehe). I wanted to play around a bit with the new needles I'd made, so I made a Christmas coaster with Peaches & Cream cotton, and a hotpad with Red Heart acrylic. The were both easy and fast, (pix on the Knitting page) so not only did I get to relax and knit, but I also had instant gratification! I feel somewhat ready to try tackling some of my UFO's now

  • 6/10/03
Well lets see here... It's morning... my two 8 week old kittens, (George & Gracie) decided they needed to play ON me last night while I was trying to get some sleep... good thing they're so darn cute! 
4 more days till the kids are out of school for the summer, so I guess sooner or later this week I should go through some of their junk before they have a chance to tell me they want to keep it all.
What's on the knitting/spinning to do list today.... I should put a few more squares on the Mitered Square afghan/wall hanging I'm working on. I've got 1 1/2 squares before I need to change colors. I'll probably work on that while my mom is visiting today.

(Just click the link to go see the Mitered Square thingy)

Knitted Projects

The Tussah silk I'm spinning is working out real nicely now that I'm spinning it from the fold...  For those of you who don't know, I'm going to use the silk to knit a scarf for my aunt JoAnn's Christmas gift.
OH! I had a fabulous idea yesterday! Just about a year or so ago... my Uncle Wayne and Aunt JoAnn took up golf! I'm thinking... hhhmmm... a nice set of golf club covers for them would make a neat anniversary gift, or maybe a Christmas gift for the two of them together. Any suggestions anyone?

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